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East End, Guanaja, Bay Islands, Honduras

We are a SDI 5 Star Resort Dive Center on the beautiful and remote island of Guanaja. Both SDI and PADI Instructors available.

Diving Around Guanaja:

There are over 30 sites we dive that have some of the healthiest and most diverse reef in the caribbean.

One of the unique things about diving Guanaja is the wide variety of topography we find between the different sites around the island. Great Shallows, Caves, Swim Throughs, Walls, etc. The remoteness and low traffic to the island allows for a very different experience than what is available on bigger touristy islands.

We are strict about Diver Safety and Environmental Responsibility.


Fun Dives:

Include Fruit, Juice, Towels, Snacks, and Gear Valet.

- With Gear (BCD, Fins, Mask, Reg) 


- No Gear (Only weights and tank)



- +10 Dives                               


- Night Dive                             



Nitrox  - $10/Tank | Scooter - $25/Dive | Computer - $25/Day

Discovery Dive - $125

Short Course and 1 Dive suitable for people who want to experience Scuba for the first time.

Only valid for diving with Hotel Guanaja.

+ $50 per group for transport to North Side Training Site (Optional)


Open Water Certification - $450

All fees & Materials, confined water + 4 Training Dives + 1 Fun Dive, Final Exam,

and you will be a Certified Diver around the world.

Advanced Open Water - $450

All fees & Materials, 5 Adventure Dives of which 2 are mandatory and the other 3 you select your preference.


- Water temperature is around 80 F Year Round

- We are flexible with scheduling, dive time, and other preferences.

- You will never deal with overcrowded sites or being rushed. You'll always have the site to yourself.

- A typical day's schedule features 2 dives before lunch and 1 in the afternoon.

- All our staff is trained for proper emergency response.

- Our dive boats easily fit a combined total of  20 Divers + Crew.

- We recommend you do at least 10 dives so you may get a sample of all the variety between sites. 

​- We aim to take our guests all around the island during their stay.

- North side dives are the most common on Guanaja due to Wind. 

- We enjoy 60 min dives as much as possible.

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