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We are a family operated business with a total of 20 beds in 10 units. We have 7 Sea Front Cabañas and 3 Apartments. All rooms, facilities and services have been renovated recently. (Under New Management)

We are happy to help guide and figure out your trip so please feel welcome to contact us directly via email or whatsapp.


Our facilities also include a fully equipped Dive Center (with PADI Instructor Available), Marina and Dock, Boats, Bar, and Restaurant.  Our services include Diving, Boat Tours, Snorkeling, Fishing, Fly-Fishing, and other Island Activities.


Hotel Guanaja rests on the southern beach of eastern Guanaja, an island in the western Caribbean Sea.

The turquoise waters of Guanaja are sheltered by the Mesoamerican Reef, one of only two barrier reefs in existence; the quieted surf and trade wind will assure you rest. The eastern view brings spectacular daily, ever-changing sunrises that defy description.

Guanaja is a developing island in a developing nation. Wsupport a better future for Guanaja as much as possible through environmentally friendly practices and standards as well as involvement in local social and environmental initiatives.

Hotel Guanaja itself was designed to be part of the natural environment; constructed by island residents; shrouded in meticulously planned palms and local fruit trees, you will find spacious accommodations suited for couples, individuals, families and groups.

Plan your escape to the idyllic excitement of Guanaja today!

See this .pdf for summarized info:

Hotel Information and Travel Guide








"The hotel and the island delivered a fantastic vacation to really get away from it all and disconnect from the world. Will absolutely be back again!" 

- 5/5 Jan 20

"Would I go back? Without a doubt!! I highly recommend the resort to anyone thinking of diving Guanaja!

- 4/5 Jul 19

"Best vacation ever! We went with 10 people in our group for a week... and didn’t want to come home at the end of our stay!" - 5/5 April 19



Location: 16.486059, -85.831157


The three Bay Islands of Honduras; Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja are some of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean.

Guanaja being the least developed and explored of the three has earned the nickname “The Green Island".


We are a hidden gem waiting for travelers seeking an experience unlike those offered by highly visited 'touristy' islands in the Caribbean.


Guanaja is a rural village. Likely you will see more locals riding horses to work than tourists wandering around. There are only a couple handfuls of cars on the island and one 10 km road connecting the South and North side of the island.  Nightlife on Guanaja refers to the symphony of nocturnal critters as opposed to bars and pop hits. 


Guanaja is located about 70km East of Roatan and 60 km North of Trujillo on the Honduran Mainland Coast



Getting to Guanaja

The most popular route to reach Guanaja is through Roatan.

1. Fly in to the international airport of Roatan (RTB)


2. Connect on a local 25 min flight to Guanaja (GJA)

- CM Airlines

- LANHSA Airlines 

- Private Charter (Aprx. $500 OW for up to 5 People)

2b. The Roatan Ferry Galaxy Wave 

There is a ferry service available between Guanaja and Roatan. It only Travels on Weekends.

This is a great option for 1 week trips Arriving Saturday and Departing the following Saturday.

Alternate Routes for Reaching Guanaja:

- Direct Flights from the mainland La Ceiba Airport (LCB) to Guanaja.

- Charter Flights from any domestic airport.

- Ferry from Trujillo to Guanaja. (When available)

- Ferry from La Ceiba on weekends.

- If you fly in to San Pedro Sula (SAP) you can catch flights to connect to Guanaja through La Ceiba (LCE) or Roatan (RTB)

General Tips

The 1.5 hr ferry ride between Roatan and Guanaja is scenic, comfortable, and ‘not bad at all’.

It is the most affordable option that also offers a more reliable schedule and almost guaranteed availability.

Flights are more vulnerable to delays or schedule changes and have limited seating/availability.


Download Whatsapp: A very popular messaging app for businesses and people in Latin America.


$20 Dollar Bills are not commonly accepted in Honduras due to banking restrictions so we recommend to bring $50 or $100 bills if you are planning to bring cash.


Contact your Airline or Government to confirm up to date COVID-19 Travel Requirements or Restrictions.

Travel Tips
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